A Fundamentalist Protestant’s Condemnation of Homosexual Christians

See http://www.ovrlnd.com/FalseDoctrine/Gay_Christians.html for a fundamentalist Response to the ‘Gay Christian’ Movement.


John 8:3 –  Woman Caught in Adultery

Matthew 18:21-22 – Forgive


We often hear Christians soften the message of “neither do I condemn you” by emphasis on the last parting statement, “Go and sin no more.”  If that person, in our judgement, does sin again, do we then have the right to condemn the person?  To punish?  What is the meaning of forgiving 70 X 7?

Who is really affected by the act?  Whose job is it to forgive?  What is the significance of forgiving?  For the forgiver?  For the forgiven?

What then is the significance of judging what is sinful if we are not to judge others?  Does it mean that we must judge what is right action for us, but not judge for others?


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A Fundamentalist Protestant’s Condemnation of Homosexual Christians