5 On Frank Turk

I appreciate the Frank Turk article I linked a week or so ago, Frank gets it right.

I appreciate your taking the time to view this. I haven’t heard of Frank Turk – what’s the link?


Good job, Frank. Direct, to the point, and it makes people own what they are saying and doing. This gets people to the point where they have to make the decision of whether they truly believe or not.

I see you have linked on your Facebook page Frank Turk’s “conversation” on beliefs relating to morality, homosexuality and Hell . Very witty. I like Dad’s statement a number of years ago, “Christians think that Christianity is all about dying and going to Heaven. I say absolutely not. It is about living a life of eternal significance.” He referred to Jesus’ story of the separation of the sheep from the goats . . . “inasmuch as you did it/ did not do it . . .”

There we go. Be sure to read Tom Chantry’s responses to Hannah at 8:16AM & 8:30AM. Tom deals with what love really looks like and does when facing critical situations.

Frank is witty, agreed, but he honestly deals with the real issues and Tom Chantry shines a bright light on it with his comments in the meta.

I would agree that this is about much more than some day dying and going to heaven. But that doesn’t address Frank’s comments in any way. The characterization of Frank’s comments as pertaining to “morality, homosexuality and Hell” is a distortion of what Frank intended…which is what he clearly said: all of us have a problem before the judgment throne of God, not just homosexuals.

The much more than is that if “any man is in Christ, he is a new creation.” Eternal life, and it starts now.


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5 On Frank Turk