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Hi again, Rob,

Just a quick response until later as I have company until Tuesday (unless I am up in the night).

Julian’s genetic code that results in confusing sexual identity is not his fault and just “is” as you said.  I believe you are right, his response to his situation is between him and God.  Practically speaking I would say that it seems better to live out the sex that is the most obvious but that is only opinion and I know people’s feelings about their sexual identity are a reflection of a lot of things.  I do believe that the scriptures are consistent in their condemnation of homosexual activity.  I do not believe it is a specially awful sin.  All sin separates us from God.  As far as trans-sexual identity and altering parts goes I don’t know the answer in his case.  That is why I focused on our relationship to God as persons primarily.  That is clear.  In regards to those who chose to change their sex who do not have ambiguous genes I do not think it is something that is necessarily approved by God just because the person feels different.  All the transsexual people I know were abused sexually as children… ALL of them.  The identity change choice is the way they deal with it.  Only God can change a person’s heart and heal the awful pain from abuse.  Just a few thoughts for now.

love, Joan


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6 Joann’s Reply