16 My Response to My Friend

My Friend, I understand that under no circumstances do you believe that homosexual activity is justified, even if there were shown to be a genetic or a hormonal causation.   Julian is a trans-sexual, and I understand that for you his transition from mixed male and female characteristics to male is a sin.  Do you acknowledge that some individuals, such as Julian, have an XXY genetic code that imposes mixed characteristics of both male and female?  Do you acknowledge the existence of the “mosaic” individual who has a mosaic genetic pattern of both male and female, called hermaphrodite, thereby causing the infant to be born with both overt male and overt female sexual characteristics which continuing to develope into adulthood?  How do you suggest the community help protect these children from torment by “normal people,” whether in male or female locker rooms?



17 My Friend’s Reply to Mehttps://wordpress.com/post/lovejudgenot.wordpress.com/370

16 My Response to My Friend

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