7 My Response to Joann


I appreciate your thoughtful reply.  I have had replies from two different
poles, as you might expect of this family.

Let me understand your position.  Are you saying that Julian’s
trans-sexual identity and physical alteration of the “conflicting
parts” is sinful by Biblical teachings, but we are not to allow that
judgment to separate him from our Christian community, only from
leadership in the community?

What I have come to believe is that, first, I know of no Biblical prohibition
against the hermaphrodite – they just are.  No can argue about the
reality of those mixed sexual components in one body.  No one today, with
genetic information not available in Bible times, can argue that Julian’s
mixed genetic coding (XXY), evidenced by more subtle conflicting physical
features, is a reality.  The physical manifestations of that are more
subtle than those in the mosaic hermaphrodite.  We know that there are
some influences of prenatal hormonal activity associated with homosexuality,
but there is disagreement on whether it is an influence, as a weakness like a
predisposition for alcoholism, which can be controlled, or whether it is a more
fundamental reality to the existence and orientation of that individual which
might be manipulated, but not controlled – it is who they are and to be whole
they must be who they find themselves to be.  My position is

>  that we are not in a position to judge such issues for another
person, but only for ourselves.

I know that Tchaikovsky wrote to his brother about the pressure of society to
deny his homosexuality, which he described as forced to act against his
nature.  I know he married to attempt to conform to expectations with
disastrous results, and his death was the result of his attempt to kill himself
by immersing himself in a Russian rive during the winter.  It is
inconceivable to me that such drastic actions were the result of a choice to be

I hear from some the argument of love the sinner but hate the sin.  Even
that, to me, seems judgmental in that it puts us in a superior position to
decide for another what should be their true orientation and whether they
are sinning or not.

I would be interested in any response you have.  Thanks for responding.

Love, Rob


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7 My Response to Joann

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