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Hi Robert,

I always appreciate your thoughts on life, you are a deep thinker, and a loving person.  Reflection is an important part of life.   As much as I do appreciate your thoughts, I find some I disagree with.  I have worked with several lesbians/homosexuals at the hospital, and we’ve had  fine working relationships.  I was fortunate that they didn’t feel the need to make a “statement” and it wasn’t something that was discussed.

These people also never professed to be Christians, and don’t believe the two I worked fairly closely with even attended church.  I do know there are people who profess to be Christians and also say they are homosexual, and apparently proud of it.    I would question the validity of that, but I also know many people say they are Christians just because they attend church, or they feel they live morally good lives, or they believe in a God.  None of those things makes them Christian.  Many are into being “spiritual,”  and really don’t have a faith in the God of the Bible, nor believe the Bible is the Word of God.  Any religion that believes there is any way to salvation other than through the blood of Jesus Christ, is just a religion, not Christianity.

One thing the Bible teaches is that God never changes.  There was a reason God had to give the Israelites a bunch of rules….they need guidance.  I don’t understand the mind of God, but for some reason certain foods were not to be eaten, etc….and we’re told in the New Testatment that we no longer are bound by that old Covenant;  we are under a new covenant, our sins paid for through the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.  Moral sins, lieing, cheating, killing, immoral living, were different.  God hated those sorts of sins in OT times, and he hates them now.  God does not change.  That is one of the things I find strength in.  So much has changed through time, but God is my constant.  Homosexuality was a sin then and still is;  this is confirmed in the New Testament, also.  That does not stop me from loving that person, however.  Am I supposed to turn a blind eye and say “whatever is right for them is right for them?”  Jesus didn’t ask us to do that, in fact we are to be discerning.  When Jesus said “judge not lest ye be judged,” I believe that was where the Pharisees were judging a woman in adultery and going to stone her.  If I’m remembering correctly they were told, “let he without sin cast the first stone.”  That is a little different judging than recognizing sin.

One of the marks of a Christian is that they recognize their sin, though it might take them a while at times to do so, and then strive to remove that sin from their life.  Any person who claims to be a Christian, but harbors a sin, whether it be pornography, adultry, sexual immorality, being dishonest in any way, but continues in that sin without remorse…..I’d have to wonder whether God is truly alive in their lives.  Also, we are commanded, as Christians, to hold each other accountable.  God’s Word sets the standard.  If I have a Christian friend, relative, or acquaintance who is continually living a sinful life, it is my responsibility as a Christian to point their sin out to them lovingly.  I am commanded to do that.  That isn’t me judging them.  If point out where God’s Word is clear that they are sinning, I am to do that in love.

Well, that was a long response to your New Year’s letter.  I should have typed it out and edited and rewritten to make more sense, but I think you may be used to my rambling and can make some sense of it.  I just think it is really wrong for Christians to downplay or water-down the Biblical Standards.  Anything goes, anything is accepted, doing what makes you feel good…..all those things will destroy us.

By the way, I read that book by C. S. Lewis a few years ago and loved it.  This will sound strange, but I loved that he went to the Pub and had beers with his buddies and discussed doctrinal issues and theology–how cool is that?!

I love you, Rob,



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4 Georgia’s Reply

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