Cry, “Justice!”

I want to add to the prior posts personal stories of how people have confronted issues of sexuality or sexual orientation as it relates to GLBT issues.  It seems to me that the issues of how people in society recognize and respect people of different sexuality or gender other than their own are issues of justice, and most often related to issues of religion.  Eric Fromm, a self-proclaimed atheist as I understand it, said that a healthy religion was necessary to mental health.  As I recall, he said that religion provides the individual with a sense of orientation and object of devotion. In a different context I had struggled with issues of justice and how we can know what is just, or put another way, “God’s will.”  I make it available here.  It is not a scholarly work, but the result of my own personal struggle with what I perceived to be injustice.  Feel free to download it and share it as you see fit.  Cry Justice!


Next blog post: “It’s a Matter of Choice”     

Cry, “Justice!”

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