Is There a Gay Gene? What If . . . ?

See for studies to determine if there is a genetic basis for homosexuality.  The author, Dr. Deborah Serani, reviews studies on the issue and she finds them inconclusive.  She notes that, “Rev. Mohler was astute with his statement to fellow Southern Baptists that homosexuality might have a biological base.”  And Rev. Mohler asks, “What if?” 

See, also, for an article by Barry Starr entitled “Pheremones Decide Mice Sexuality; Sexual Behaviour and Genetics Study Reveals Causes of Bisexuality”


What would it hurt if we suspended judgment on homosexuality until more evidence can be gathered concerning any physical determinants of the orientation?


What do we really have to lose by assuming that the answer may be in the affirmative and so we treat it, until proven otherwise, as though it is not a choice but a biologically determined condition?


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Is There a Gay Gene? What If . . . ?

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